Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Dating a Big Girl

Score the voluptuous woman of your dreams by following these tips for dating big girls. While some guys prefer the super skinny girls, other guys like fat girls because the larger body size gives them something to hug and hold onto. No matter your reason for dating plus size girls, you'll be a successful lover and boyfriend if you keep these tips in mind.

1) DON’ask her about weight or talking about anything about that.

Mentioning this first because it’s SUPER important, and it’s the first thing guys tend to mess up on. Don't make you sound sound like all you care about is their bodies, that's the most important part to you. Not someone who likes big girls because of their body, not someone who likes big girls in spite of their body. Just someone who likes them. All of them. So if you see a fat chick you’re interested in, try to find some common ground and base conversation starters on that.

2. Big girl are girl too. Treat her as you would any other girl.

‘How do I approach a fat girl?, Just like ANY other girl! Big girls are real people with real personalities and feelings. No need for you to point out to plus size girls that they have a little extra cushioning. Just talk to them. They'll appreciate it.

3. Don’t be offended if she’s suspicious.

4. Be humble.

In fact, PLENTY of guys like fat girls. Lots of them don’t want to admit it. If you don’t think there are guys out there who like fat girls, you are so wrong. You have no idea how many men expect some kind of reward for being attracted to fat girls.

5. Take her out in public, show her off to your friends.

Take her out to dinner, to the movies, walk around town. Hold her hand, put your arm around her. Looking couple-y doesn’t hurt! If you’re scared of what people think? You don’t deserve to have a fat girlfriend. if you refuse to introduce her to your buddies, she'll know something is up and it won't be long until she dumps you.

6. Focus on her good qualities.

Guys who date fat girls usually do so because something about the girl drew them to her. Is your girl funny, incredibly smart or great at a certain hobby? Think about that instead of paying attention to her weight.

7. Take her places where there will be other fat girls.

If you want your girl to feel comfortable, take her somewhere where there will be people of all shapes and sizes. The mall, the movies or a dive bar are all local options. If you plan on going on a vacation, take her somewhere like Italy or Hawaii, where men appreciate larger sized women. offers you a good environment to dating big girls. Find your big girl there and start dating today!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Top 5 BBW Dating Sites Reviews in 2014

Online BBW Dating sites are a good choice for women who are big and beautiful, curvy, plus size, full figure and chubby to meet the men who love them. Not only does it help BBW find dating and match, but it also shows an acceptance of a larger size. You can get respects, find a new confidence, offer or get advice about the same appearance on these sites.


LargeFriends wins our No. 1 choice from the 5 BBW dating sites we have reviewed in this category. It is a busy online dating site catering to plus-size, BBW singles and their admirers, believing size is just a number, helping you find self-confidence again and providing a comfort place to enjoy being big. It has become one of the largest online space for dating big people with over 953788 members. You will never feel lonely again on LargeFriends.


Do you always complain that being plus size sometimes gets in the way of finding love, even though two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.? And it can feel like there's no hope in the world for finding a person that madly, truly, deeply loves YOU. But, in fact, dating while being overweight isn't a death sentence to singledom at all. If you can find a place where your size will definitely be appreciated, you will find the one who love you for you. is just the place for you. As it says “You will find an extremely high quality Plus size dating experience, and all the opportunity in the world to find your perfect match who appreciate your size.” Check out


You may have a bad experience in big women dating before. It is a general perception that men in general get easily attracted to attractive female bodies and very few men are there who show interest in dating big beautiful woman who has beauty and a good personality also. But still there are some men in this society who believe on judging women on their personality rather than from their look and love for what they are. is just the place where you can find those men who want to spend time with you because you are positive, funny, witty, kind, warm, open and approachable. Check out


Big women are often seen as easy prey or desperate by less enlightened men. It seems that men only like big girls in secret. It's hard to find a date or dates are only after one thing as being big. Is it the truth? It’s definitely not. There are many men who like you roundy types -- and not just guys who "secretly" like big girls. There are men who will tell you you're HOT, gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, stunning, lovely, amazing, wonderful, special... It’s so easy to find friendship, dating & love on Check out


BBW singles,, it’s time for you to get back out there into the dating world. It’s time to stop living a Life-In-Waiting. Don’t wait to start dating until you’ve lost those pounds. Dating as a BBW is not difficult if you come to the right place. gives big beautiful women a place to meet men without having to weed through an endless list of singles who still haven’t made it past media’s message that thin is the way to go. Check out

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BBW Dating In Australia

Many men prefer the company of a BBW for several reasons. Regardless of the reason, finding BBWs in Australia isn't difficult. You just have to know where to look. Here are a few tips.

Try the Internet

The Internet is going to be one of your best resources for finding BBW singles to date in Australia.

1.You will be able to find general sites that are targeted to Australians, or adult sites that offer a more open minded atmosphere. Browse the site before you sign up, and search within your area to see how many BBW singles are signed up. If you like what you see, you can go ahead and create your profile. If not, then keep looking until you find a site that has a good variety of members.

2. Here are some BBW Dating Site dedicated to BBW Singles in Australia, such as You can find what you want in those dating sites.

BBW Events

There are events hosted all over the country for BBW singles to meet others. You can find mixers, cruises, dances, and other events. To find these look for a dating forum that is active and sign up for alerts. When new events are posted, you will be alerted. Another good place to look for BBW dates is swinger's events. Not all BBWs are swingers, but swingers tend to be more open about BBW members. As a result, many of these events will advertise for the BBW community. You may have to pay a fee to get in to the events, but it’s usually worth the small cost to find the type of people you are interested in dating.

BBW Club

PounceBBWNight: Australia's FIRST and ONLY #BBW Club Night, held monthly at @wholelottaloveb in #Melbourne!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SSBBW Dating Key Considerations

Let’s be honest, it is hard to find eligible SSBBW in person, it just is. You may have some luck meeting them at BBW events, but if you are in a town where there are very few BBW type events, your chances of meeting an eligible SSBBW are pretty slim. That’s why we suggest going the online route when it comes to SSBBW dating. Online SSBBW dating provides a comfortable environment where you can get to know a wide variety of potential SSBBW mates all from the comfort of your living room. Now instead of going out to a club where you may be lucky to find 1 or 2 SSBBW, you can check out a multitude of these lovely ladies. SSBBW definitely prefer this means of getting to know potential partners. For your “SSBBW Dating” needs we recommend the following website which highlights the largest database of SSBBW online:
Now this may be a little sensitive but I have to say it. Men who are into (or think they are into) SSBBW need to really ask themselves why? I’m not questioning your attraction to bigger women, I’m questioning whether you are into SSBBW just for the fantasy or are you into them with a realistic view of the special challenges and concerns that go into SSBBW dating? Here’s what I mean:
Due to their size, SSBBW can be extremely limited in the type of activities they can participate in. For instance, say you’ve just met that special someone on your favorite SSBBW Dating site and you are setting up your first date, what do you think would make a good first date.
First off, what kind of car do you drive? If you are really into SSBBW dating you need to have a vehicle that can accommodate women of a larger size. This is a common deal breaker for most SSBBW.
So you say you have a size appropriate vehicle, ok where are you planning to go on your first date. Know that anywhere that requires a lot of walking can be detrimental to SSBBW Dating(i.e. amusement parks, festivals, etc…). Also movie theaters and other places with fixed sized seating can present a problem for SSBBW.
Traveling is another concern, especially by air. Oftentimes SSBBW need to purchase 2 tickets to fly due to their size. Unfair, yes, and also very expensive. These are just a few special concerns you need to consider when SSBBW dating (and I haven’t even gotten into the whole health issue). This is not meant to dissuade you from dating SSBBW it is just meant to educate you about some challenges you may face.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Perspectives on plus-size dating, from an actual plus-size dater

I was on a date recently and a woman sat down at the next table, catty-corner to me. I was embarrassed and annoyed, already contemplating how I was going to get out at the end. I looked for other routes. A regular-size person wouldn't think about that.
Plus size women for real.
But I’m a plus-size girl. I’m also a publicist, an extrovert, a bargain-shopper extraordinaire and an unbelievably good friend. But what’s most visible about me, what defines me before I even open my mouth, is my size. I've dieted my whole life and can’t remember a time when I wasn't concerned about my weight.
I grew up with a mother who told me I was amazing, who said I could accomplish whatever I wanted to. She was supportive and loving. But when I was a teenager, she also started saying, “You need to lose weight. It will be harder when you get older to find your partner.”
I went to weight-loss camp when I was young and was introduced to boys and the bases. It was a different world there: Size wasn't so much of an issue, though there was a hierarchy, with the skinnier girls at the top. I had a few boyfriends every summer, and when I got really thin, I suddenly had a boyfriend back at school, too. That lasted for maybe a year. After that it was back to the old way, and I didn't have a boyfriend anymore.
I didn't date at all in college. I was always overweight, but when I got to Vassar I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I didn't gain a freshman 15, I gained a freshman 50. Then my dad died when I was 22 and I wasn't interested in anything anymore. I was lost.
It wasn't until I was 28 that I decided I wanted to date again, after I got back in touch with people from camp. Some of them were very heavy, but they were married and successful in relationships. I was like, Why am I not dating?
I started out on Jdate but worried that maybe people didn't fully see my body type, even though I never lied or showed a picture that wasn't me. Some jerk once IMed and asked, “Are there really guys out there who are attracted to you?”
Friends of mine were setting one another up on dates but not me. It makes such an obvious statement—that no one would ever find me attractive because of my weight. I guess it’s hard to say to somebody, “I have a great girl for you, but she’s fat—are you okay with that?” That makes me extremely uncomfortable and angry. People are image-conscious, and it takes a very secure man to advertise his preference for a woman of size. No matter how many magazines start featuring plus-size women, in mainstream white culture, a woman who’s heavy isn't considered as attractive as a woman who’s not. Ultimately everybody’s looking to get to the next level, and for many men in New York, a larger woman is the bottom level, regardless of what she’s like.
There’s a misconception that plus-size girls are insecure in their bodies. Yes, there have been times I've felt uncomfortable at bars because guys talk to my friends and not me, and if I notice a group of men snickering at me, that always makes me upset. But my size has never stopped me.
When I started on BBW dating sites, I got crazy amounts of e-mails. Before that, I didn't understand that there were people out there who preferred a round body with curves and boobs and a butt and lots of fat. Now I know that the skinny white girl is not the ideal to everyone. There are cultures and races that prefer plus size women. I've had really in-shape guys, bodybuilders even, contact me. I think they like the juxtaposition of hard and soft. They like the feeling of being with someone who’s bigger than they are and the voluptuousness of another body.
A man approached me on the subway when I was 24 and wanted my phone number desperately. He kept saying over and over, “I think you’re beautiful.” My first instinct was, This is a joke, someone put him up to it—which says a lot about where I was at that point. It’s not where I am now. Experience, age and understanding that a lot of people are attracted to me because of (or in spite of) my size takes away some of the nervousness I used to feel on dates.
There can be challenges, though, being bigger. Sex isn't always a physically easy encounter. I was once fooling around with someone I’d been out with a few times. I was trying to move over him, and he said, “Your weight is hurting me.” That brought me back to reality. I thought I looked great that night. I was wearing a new outfit and these really hot tights, and in one fell swoop, he brought me down a little bit. I was surprised because we’d never talked about my size being an issue. And a lot of men who are attracted to plus-size women love the feeling of weight.
There’s the whole dominant-submissive side of fetishizing a plus-size woman, wanting her to be in control, to be physically bigger. And I've been contacted by men on BBW sites who ask me if I’m open to a feeding relationship, which I’m not. It means they want to be with somebody who likes to eat, who they can feed and would consider gaining a lot of weight. They get off on the visual of a fat woman eating.
But I think there’s a fine line between someone who’s a fetishist and someone who’s not. I grapple with the term because what’s the difference between a fetish and a preference? I once went out with a guy I met on Nerve, then didn't hear from him again. I e-mailed and he wrote back, “I had fun making out with you—if you’re ever up for some more fun, let me know.” So then I knew that’s all he really wanted. He wasn't like, “Hi, I’m a fetishist,” he just wants to have sex with random plus-size women. Guys are always attracted for some reason. Everybody is. So what’s the difference between hooking up with a fetishist and just hooking up with someone casually? Is someone who likes plus-size girls a fetishist just because his preference isn't mainstream?
I've been seeing someone now who’s given me a newfound perspective. He definitely cares about me and likes spending time with me, but if he could stare at my ass all day long, he would. He’s opened my eyes to the fact that there are a lot of men out there who prefer plus-size women and that the pool isn't as small as I thought it was. And I feel very secure and confident when I’m with him.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fat, Full-Figured or Plus Size Women Are All Works Of Art

From the beginning of time to about the early 1900′s full-figured women weren’t called ‘Fat’ or made fun of. They were called ‘Normal’ & ‘beautiful’ and every painter fell in love with them. The art history for plus size women is extensive. Why you ask? Because we are beautiful; our cuves are warm, sassy and strong and men cannot get enough of them.

The best empowerment source is YOU. You are the painter now, your curves are the art work.  Paint lovely colors on yourself. Do not be shy and wear blue, reds, orange and white. Stop wearing that ‘black’ that hides all of your greatness. Look within yourself and earn that power and share it with the world.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do Good Girls Truly Use Online BBW Dating Sites

The early days of online dating sucked. There were jerks, back then that you didn't want to introduce your dog to. You would hear stories of the online predators or some sleazy old guy looking for his kicks. Thank God times have changed and normal people are using online dating to find that special someone. There are a great number of sites to go around that cater to anyone's taste, including mine.
So, do good girls truly use on-line BBW dating sites along with other websites like these? The answer is, definitely. Theres a dating site for pretty much every segment of the population that you can name. Singles of all ages, races and nationalities are regular visitors to dating sites. Males and females and Baptists and Jews and Catholics and Muslims alike are familiar and comfortable visitors to dating sites.
Let's look at a few reasons why nice girls do it in online BBW dating sites:
1. Saving Time – In today's world time, free time that is, is a rare commodity. Few working men and women have the luxury of dedicating their few hours of free time each week to the pursuit of a significant other who can help them erase the lonely hours from their calendar. Singles are the largest segment of today's population explosion, and they don't have the time…or the energy to date. Online dating sites have become a necessity of life.
2. Money – The worldwide economic downturn has placed a burden on individual's budgets. More tradition dating approaches like bars and clubs and the like, have become more costly, with per drink prices at more "nice" watering holes upwards of $8 a drink….and then there's the meal. Few people would be able to afford meeting a stranger for a casual first date, without any prior knowledge of what to expect. The online BBW dating sites just make cents….er, sense.
3. It Ain't Broke – Online BBW dating works. Recent polls by social scientists reveal that possibly 25 to 30% of all marriages over the past 10 years have resulted from couples who meet in online BBW dating chat rooms. It seems that people enjoy the convenience of posting a self-created profile that itemizes their background including hobbies, work history, likes and dislikes much like a virtual resume of sorts. They share a picture and a few contact details and all of this goes into an online database for a potential suitor to peruse.
Such is the pursuit of enduring love in today's modern society. And although it seems a little cold and impersonal, the actual connections, oftentimes, produce initial relationships that result in longer term lifestyle changes, at least for nearly a third of the couplings. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love for BBW

When dating a BBW please remember that BBW means Big Beautiful Woman.

Women want to be treated as women, no matter their size or description. A BBW is no different inside than someone who is a size 6. They have the same feelings and emotions as any one else. We all want to feel loved, cherished, desired and respected. The same holds true for a BBW.

1. Women want to be treated as women, no matter their size or description. A BBW is no different inside than someone who is a size 6. They have the same feelings and emotions as any one else. We all want to feel loved, cherished, desired and respected. The same holds true for a BBW.

2. be happy with yourself.....god made us all big tall short or small....if and when do decide to change yourself do it because you want to not because of society

3. I have been a big girl my whole life and seem to have always been treated with a tougher kind of many people just seem to assume that because a woman is larger than her mini counter parts that it means she is tough or rough I was more able to be strong and could handle anything,..from crass jokes to "oh hey can you give me a hand with this 500 pound machine!! I finally stood up and made it clear...I am not a harsh person because of my size.I do not have super strength just because of my size and I don't prefer to be treated like one of the guys because of my size....I am soft hearted and kind and prefer to be treated kindly and with love..Like a lady...not as if I am a lumber jack in pink!!


5. I want to be protected, loved and taken care of too. Am tired of always being the strong one.

6. I agree to a point. So long as the use and adhere to the classification of BBW. The battle for being accepted as the normal populous will continue. Think on it. If I were to advertising myself for a dating service (I tried this to) I made two profiles. One with all the same stats/photo/information but I excluded BBW and plus sized from the entire thing. The second profile was the same but had BBW/plus sized in it.

The result: I had within two days 300% more views/responses on mg non-size emphasized profile than the one that did. Why? Because even though my body type selection was 'more to love' I wasn't broadcasting it and was simply a woman another person seeking the same thing they were. From there I made wonderful acquaintances/friends/dates with people that'd never have given my BBW titled advertisement a second glance.